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Social Science NCERT Solutions for Class 7

These Class 7 NCERT Solutions for the Subject of Social Science covers the chapters, concepts like the Types of monumental architecture in the country, Case study of Shah Jahan’s patronage of architecture, Types of urban centers- court towns, pilgrimage centres, ports and trading towns, Three case studies of Hampi, Masulipatam and Surat, Tribes, nomads and itinerant groups; changes in the caste structure, Two case studies on state formation of Gonds and Ahoms, Belief systems, rituals, pilgrimages and syncretic cults, Case study of Kabir, Regional languages, literature, paintings and music, Case study of Bengal, Independent and autonomous states in the subcontinent and a case study of the Marathas, Flora and fauna, The relationship between natural environment and human habitation, The need of transport and communication for development of the community, The new developments in making today’s world into a global society, Amazon and the Ganga-Brahmaputra, The complex interlinkage of human and natural environment, Prairies, Veld, Two case studies on the lives of people in Sahara and Ladakh desert regions, Role and importance of media in providing information, forum for discussion / debate and public opinion, Media ethics and accountability, Relationship between the government and information, Commercial advertising, Consumerism, Social advertising, Retail markets and our everyday needs, Role and impact of wholesale markets, People’s access to the markets depending upon various conditions and reasons, The string of activities in the wholesale market & a lot more. important Concepts which will help you to prepare well for your Examinations. These NCERT Solutions will help you to Study the Concepts of the Class 7 Social Science.

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